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News Dispatch

Curated by Micaela Giovannotti

Eco-technical Muzeum (Old Waterworks)
Ekotechnické muzeum, Papírenská 6, Praha 6

"News dispatch. Happens in Korea, as seen in video art."

Participating Artists:

• Beom Kim
• Minouk Lim
• Yongbaik Lee

Beom Kim
Untitled (News)
Minouk Lim
New Town Ghost
Yongbaik Lee
Inbetween Buddha and Jesus Christ

In the recent past, important changes have occurred in modern Korea that have been extensively reported and scrutinized.

Seeping into the sediment of ordinary citizens' lives, these changes have by now had a profound enough sociological effect for artists to have begun focusing the lens of artistic inquiry and commentary on the subject.

Some artists are responding through reflection and by elaborating on what the roots and traditions of the country are and on how they might be transformed. Others are more interested in examining the consequences of those changes on daily life and are trying to foresee their long-term impact.

The video works of Beom Kim, Yongbaek Lee and Minouk Lim share a common ground, delivering their messages with the urgency and direct immediacy of the news-broadcasting style: straight to the point, concise, and iconic enough to be easily imprinted in the collective memory.

While Minouk Lim's video re-enacts a hip-hop version of old-fashioned public speeches held on open trucks, Beom Kim adopts the format of a news-broadcasting channel in his Untitled (News). Yongbaek Lee's Inbetween Buddha and Jesus Christ , with its blurred image that shifts back and forth between the two religious icons, stylistically more resembles a news report's commercial on the spiritual state of the country.

Micaela Giovannotti