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Mobile Video Art

curated by Grey Zone and Francesca di Nardo

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Press Release, June 26, 2007


From high-tech gadget to new art medium
The world’s first festival of VIDEO ART created with the mobile phone

Inspired by the rapid development of new technologies, the Mobile Video Art festival endeavours to employ new media and technology to bring everyday life and art closer together. Today, the multimedia mobile telephone is not only a means of communication and accessing media information, it is also a creative tool and artistic medium that is starting to impact global information flows and mass media, as well as contemporary art. Indeed, the multimedia mobile phone may be the gateway to an entirely new art form.

Kirsimaria E. Törönen-Ripatti
Elastic, 2007

Designed as both a popular festival for the general public and an art laboratory, the Mobile Video Art festival will explore the creative potentials of the multimedia mobile telephone, seeking new strategies for contemporary art and culture. The work of domestic and international established and emerging contemporary art talents, invited to investigate the potentials and constraints of the new medium, will thus be confronted with work submitted by the general public for the Mobile Video Art competition, involving the audience in the creative process and setting up a highly-charged creative dialogue on the nature and essence of contemporary art and culture.

The theme of this year’s Mobile Video Art festival is “THE INTIMATE LIFE OF THE GLOBAL VILLAGE”, exploring social, political, cultural and personal aspects of everyday life in the 21st Century as influenced by the interweaving of global and local cultural symbols and artefacts. The body of work submitted by renowned and emerging artists, as well as the world’s general public, will form a dynamic and constantly evolving mosaic of perceptions of contemporary life and culture on a global scale.


Handy, unobtrusive and engaging, the multimedia mobile phone is a cutting-edge creative tool allowing artists to capture and reflect on the most intimate private – and paradoxically also public – existential moments, removing the barriers between public and private space, objective and subjective perceptions of reality, amateur and professional work, high and low art. An ideal tool for sampling and mixing contemporary cultural reality, the multimedia mobile telephone introduces new elements, strategies and approaches to a wide diversity of artistic genres, from documentary and conceptual reflections of everyday life to socially and politically engaged performance art.

Maximising synergies with other new media, festival contributions will be dynamically and interactively presented on the web, as well as being further disseminated and broadcast on the Internet and via the mobile telephone network. The web will thus become a dynamic virtual art gallery with the works presented online constantly acquiring new contexts and meanings.

In addition, artworks created for the festival will be presented and installed within traditional exhibition spaces during this year’s main Tina B. event, which will take place from September 12 until October 20, 2007, at prime locations in Prague.

Curators' Text
Press Release, April 19, 2007