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Flight ticket bookings are provided by GTS International, accredited travel agency located in Prague, Czech Republic.

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About booking flight tickets
Electronic Tickets purchased from GTS international Prague are distributed worldwide, free of charge, to your email. If your preferred carrier or routing does not allow to issue electronic tickets our operator will give you another option or we can deliver your ticket as Prepaid Ticket Advice to your departure airport (airlines charge fee of CZK 1000 for PTA).

All prices are quoted in Czech currency (CZK). You can use on-line conversion tool offered during the booknig process to see prices in your local currency.

You are free to create non-binding booking of your flight on-line. Please note no on-line payment is necessary at the time of booking. Operator will reconfirm your flight arrangement with You. When confirmed payment is provided by Your credit card via Mail Order transaction. You can download Mail Order form here. Please fill in your credit card details and approval of the transaction and fax it or mail it back to us (our contact details below). Transaction will appear on Your bank statement splitted to price of the flight, charged by the airline and service fee of CZK 800 charged by GTS international.

Please contact GTS int. for further information on flights, fares and on-line bookings, Your contact person is available monday to friday 8am - 5pm.

Mr. Karel Juza
Travel Consultant
GTS International
Ve Smeckach 33
Praha 1, 110 00
tel.: +420 221 466 702
fax: +420 222 211 717
email: karel.juza@gtsint.cz

GTS international is IATA accreditated agent no.15201093 and also accredited Electronic Reservation System Provider (ERSP) no. 02403763.