Wedding loan and wedding expenses. Take in 15 minutes (Kiev, Ukraine)

A wedding is an event that is remembered forever, it retains the idea of ​​the very love that a person carries in his heart through his whole life.

This celebration is a symbol of the transition to a new stage in life, full of support, love. Girls dream about this event from early childhood, imagine themselves in a white dress, surrounded by flowers, and for young people, the wedding becomes an official confirmation that they can create and provide their own family.

Wedding loans have become a popular and convenient way to solve financial problems


Wedding loans have become a popular and convenient way to solve financial problems associated with the celebration. The beginning of a joint life is associated with quite serious expenses, which are partially decided by the support of relatives and the ability to plan your budget, but the celebration itself is not a cheap event.

There is a sign: “As you celebrate the wedding, such will be family life”, therefore it is not customary to save on the organization of the ceremony! So that the celebration would not affect the financial situation of the young family, it would be an excellent way to get a bank loan for the wedding.

This will greatly facilitate the process of organizing the celebration and allow you not to worry about the details on your own holiday.

Conditions for obtaining a loan


If you do not have enough funds for running the holiday expenses, you can get a loan at Sean Cole. It is simple in design: why do you need extra stress when the process of preparing for the celebration itself is often associated with anxiety?

In no case should you spoil your mood before the wedding, therefore we decided to make life easier for future newlyweds and their parents. The conditions for obtaining a loan in our company are as loyal as possible, you can become our client, even if you:

  • Do not have income statements;
  • you have a bad credit history
  • you want to get a loan without a pledge of movable and immovable property

To apply for a loan, you need to have at your disposal only two documents:

  • Ukrainian passport
  • Individual identification number

How to get a loan for wedding expenses in Sean Cole


Having on hand a specific list of all the desired things and little things, it will be easier for you to prepare for the celebration, and you will know how much you are missing, what you are going to spend on it, and how long you will need to repay the loan.

With the question “how to get a loan for a wedding in Kiev”, you can contact any bank, the procedure for obtaining a loan may differ depending on the institution you are applying for. And taking a small amount for recurring expenses in Sean Cole is very simple.

  • You fill out a questionnaire on our website, in which you indicate contact information and password to create a personal account.
  • You proceed to fill out personal information, indicate the address of residence, marital status, series and passport number and TIN
  • You indicate your sources of income, position, education, place of work (if any), purpose of obtaining a loan
  • The last step is to indicate the card number for which you want to receive money. Everything is ready, wait for confirmation of the application! You can receive SMS or our manager will contact you to clarify the details!

Advantages of applying for a loan at Sean Cole:

  • The application takes 10-15 minutes
  • You get a solution to your problem, without leaving home, at any time
  • You get money on the card without a long wait, even at night and in the early morning
  • The full cost of using the loan is known immediately upon application.

Possible amount of loan for a wedding

The first possible loan amount in Sean Cole is 6,000 USD, with further cooperation the amount increases, however, the initial fixed amount is enough to buy accessories for a wedding dress or costume, room decoration elements, cars and tables, several hours of renting a wedding limousine or renting a room for banquet.

This amount may also be irreplaceable and appropriate in case of unforeseen expenses and emergency situations, the risk of which is very high with such a large-scale celebration! In addition, a loan at Sean Cole can help you pay a loan for a wedding in Ukraine or prepare for your honeymoon in another country.

Loan terms and conditions of repayment

There are only three ways to repay a loan using the Sean Cole service and this is enough to provide you with a comfortable loan repayment procedure!

  • In the Internet. In your Sean Cole dashboard, you simply select the “Pay off” function, choose the method: pay off all credit or only interest with one payment, then enter the card details.
  • In the payment terminal. Fast Express and Good Finance Bank terminals are suitable for this method, on the Internet you can find the ones closest to you and go pay.
  • At the bank cash desk. The cashier draws up the payment for you, you simply give him the data and cash necessary for payment.

We don’t want the beginning of your family life to be marked by financial difficulties, therefore we will help you to arrange a truly memorable celebration and at the same time not to spoil your honeymoon with thoughts about paying off a loan!

Online Credit: Our Quick and Easy Tips.

Take out a loan online, without ever having a financial advisor in front of you, it’s possible, but if you don’t compare the different offers, you may very well find yourself repaying a loan at 17 or 18% interest while a credit at 4 or 5% held out your arms!

1st tip: Clearly identify the reason for your request.

1st tip: Clearly identify the reason for your request.

Indeed the interest rates applied are different depending on the purchase they finance. The interest rates for the purchase of a vehicle are lower than those intended to finance work in your home, which itself is cheaper than a revolving loan.

So that you can get a clear idea, we offer two examples of credits, for the purchase of a used vehicle, in these two examples the amount borrowed is the same: 6000 USD. And the repayment tenure is 48 months.

Example n ° 1: For a “second-hand vehicle loan ” contracted with a credit company, (the rates vary between 10 and 11%), the monthly payment would in our example be around 154 USD.

Example n ° 2: But with a revolving credit also contracted with a credit company, (the rates vary between 14 and 16%), the monthly payment would be around 167 USD

  • If you are creditworthy, these two loans could be granted to you for the purchase of a used car. As part of a “car loan” of course. But also for a revolving credit since for this type of loan no proof is required.
  • If you are not careful and you go on revolving credit, you will pay 48 X 13 USD = 624 USD more than with a car loan !!! Which still represents the “trifle” of more than 10% of the amount of the loan, it’s huge!

2nd tip: Compare the offers, perform online simulations.

2nd tip: Compare the offers, perform online simulations.

  • We advise you first to make an appointment with your bank advisor, by email or by making an appointment with an agency, so that he can make you a proposal.
  • Then perform online simulations (all credit companies offers e n line simulator). (Cofidis, cofinoga, cetelem, Finaref, Sofinco, Financo etc…)
  • You can also carry out simulations on the websites of major banks (Société Générale, Crédit Mutuel, Caisse d’épargne, BNP Paribas, Crédit Agricole, Crédit Lyonnais, etc.). But be aware that it is very possible that the bank that you have chosen will ask you to direct your accounts with them!
  • Please note : During your simulations, always enter the same amount to borrow and the same repayment period, the comparison will be easier!

For example, a car loan in a large bank while keeping the parameters of examples 1 and 2 above (6000 USD / 48 months) would correspond to a monthly payment of around 140 USD.

3rd tip: Negotiate!

3rd tip: Negotiate!

Certainly it is difficult to negotiate with online credit companies. but you can try it with your own banker. Indeed if during your simulations, you find an offer more interesting than that of your bank. submit it to your advisor and ask him to make an effort. Agency managers have a certain amount of leeway over the interest on loans.

4th tip: Avoid revolving credits as much as possible.

4th tip: Avoid revolving credits as much as possible.

This type of credit, also called revolving credit or reconstitutable credit is a sum of money that is made available to you. The system is very flexible and the sums are released very quickly. But the rates are very very high. It is this type of credit that drives unsuspecting households into over-indebtedness.

  • To be used only as a last resort.
  • With parsimony.
  • By repaying it as quickly as possible.

Throughout this article, we have used the example of a “car loan”. but be aware that the procedure and the instructions for use are the same for all types of loan (personal loan, motorcycle loan, work loan, home equipment, etc.).

Loan for seniors. Checkout online

You can get a loan for pensioners in Ukraine without any special restrictions. At least within the law. However, in reality, taking a loan for pensioners is not an easy task.

With the help of the new service, which helps people of any age and social group in obtaining a loan, the procedure for obtaining a loan by a pensioner becomes much easier and faster.

It is worth noting that in the policy of the service there are no restrictions for people of retirement age, they can issue a microloan or a loan on the same conditions as working people.

How to get a loan to pensioners without guarantors?


Perhaps you know that in many banks a pensioner can obtain a loan subject to the presence of a guarantor and a life insurance policy, these conditions are completely canceled and it became real to apply for a pension for pensioners. A feature is a factor associated with remote loan processing.

As our customers know, the whole process of registration is interactive and conducted online. But what to do when a pensioner does not know how to use the Internet and physically cannot get a loan online? In this case, the issue is resolved by telephone and the process of obtaining a loan to a pensioner without guarantors is as follows:

  • You contact the manager, where you will receive a full course on the conditions for applying for a microloan;
  • After you have discussed the amount and terms of repayment, the process of obtaining a loan begins;
  • Next is the process of registering and applying for a loan, where you indicate your name, surname, TIN and number and series of the passport for identification.
  • The next step is checking bank cards, where it is important for you to indicate the card’s expiration date, number and CVV code.
  • After some time, the manager will contact you again with the decision to pay the loan. The complete process takes 15-20 minutes and is carried out remotely, which indicates convenience.

Consumer loan to retirees Good Finance

Consumer loan to retirees Good Finance

Consumer loans to retirees from the Good Finance service are issued on more liberal and simplified conditions. For example:

  • The interest rate is reduced;
  • Payment deadlines are increasing;
  • The loan processing procedure is faster;
  • Provides ongoing professional advice.

Loan terms and conditions of repayment

Loan terms and conditions of repayment

As mentioned above, pensioners receive loans under more democratic conditions, faster and easier, but this also applies to loan terms and repayment terms.

So people of retirement age will be much more convenient to return money through the bank’s cashier’s office than through the online service.

Get a loan without a certificate of income | Checkout online urgently


One of the most common reasons for refusing a loan is the lack of a certificate of income. You are a cool freelancer or work part time unofficially – for a bank you are an unreliable client. But this does not mean that there are no options – you can always take a quick loan without a certificate of income in the online loan service! No queues, tons of securities and hidden fees – only favorable conditions and a loyal attitude!

Quick loan without income statement in 20 minutes

Quick loan without income statement in 20 minutes

We offer to issue a loan without a certificate of income on the site – in just 15-25 minutes. After registering and receiving the first loan, the time will be reduced to 2-3 minutes, which means that you will always have money at hand – no waiting for advances and salaries. With us, you have the opportunity to get an express loan on holidays and weekends, and at any time of the day – we will not let you down and we will be there!

Documents required for applying for a loan

Documents required for applying for a loan

In order for your online loan application without income statements to receive confirmation, you must provide true information:

  • your passport details and TIN;
  • valid mobile number – you will receive a confirmation code from the service;
  • bank card numbers;
  • E-mail address.

All data is transmitted in encrypted form, so we guarantee the security and privacy of your request urgent online loan without income statement.

Loan Amount and Maturity

Read more about favorable conditions! You can take out a loan without an income statement with a maximum annual rate of 474.5%. For more accurate information, you can use the loan calculator, which shows the amount depending on the loan body and maturity. Get a loan online without income statements promptly, without paperwork and honestly – see for yourself!

Advantages to take a loan

Advantages to take a loan

Thanks to our service, every client, even with a bad credit history, has a chance to take a loan without a statement of income and not get into a credit dependence. With us you will find out that getting a loan can be:

  • fast and independent of the type of bank card;
  • the operator will come to the aid in difficult times – 24/7;
  • a loan is not a new problem, but a solution!

To take out a loan online without an income statement is to forget about awkward communication with bank employees, queues and pawnshop extortioners forever! Live for fun!

Dispute concerning a credit or a repurchase of credit, how to react?

Consumers often find themselves helpless when they encounter a problem with their bank or credit institution. The reasons for the disputes are of various natures, many of you also share them with us on our forum, here are the main ones: ( Extracts from the questions asked to our moderator ).

1 ) This month, company X took two monthly payments from me instead of one, what should I do ?

1 ) This month, company X took two monthly payments from me instead of one, what should I do ?

  • Most of the time it is a computer error, in principle a simple phone call to the customer service of the credit company is enough to restore the situation. In the vast majority of cases the account is credited with the amount unduly withdrawn in the following days.

2) In principle, my credit is finished but I always get the monthly payments from my account each month who to contact ?

2) In principle, my credit is finished but I always get the monthly payments from my account each month who to contact ?

  • First of all, check that your credit is finished, for that you just have to consult the schedule in your credit agreement.
  • Attention if you benefited from an extension of maturity during the repayment, that lengthens your credit all the more.
  • If not at first, call customer service and ask them for explanations.

If you fail to succeed in the two cases mentioned below (1 and 2). You should then do the following :

If you fail to succeed in the two cases mentioned below (1 and 2) . You should then do the following :

  1. Send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt explaining your grievances and requesting the immediate reimbursement of amounts unduly collected.
  2. Enter the mediator : If you do not get an answer or you are not reimbursed, you can contact him. Each bank or credit company has a mediator, this is a legal obligation (article L315-1 of the Monetary and Financial Code). The latter will study your request and rule within two months. We advise you to contact the mediator by LRAR.
  3. You can ask the magistrate (prior attempt at conciliation), if mediation has failed.

WARNING ! It is very important to respect the order of remedies explained above. Because at each step it will be verified that you have carried out the previous steps. For example, if you directly contact the mediator, he will ask you to make a request beforehand to the customer service of the financial organization.

The contact details of the competent mediator must appear in your credit agreement (handling of disputes).